Get Out There

Tips and Tricks from the Road

(and the trail, bus, train, collectivo, water taxi, dinghy, side of the road, camel, kayak, etc.)


Gosh, this looks like a lot of stuff.

 11pm, New Year's Eve 2016, 9 hours before we leave for Ecuador. Patrick looks thrilled.


...But when you consider that we're not only travelling around the world for a year but also hiking and camping and cooking for ourselves and trying really, really hard not to get fatally sick, then the amount of stuff in our packs does start to make sense. There's everything that you'd need to...

 One of the first things that we noticed when we entered the scuba shop was the map- it was MASSIVE, stretching from the floor to the ceiling, covering two walls and was almost entirely blue.The second thing that we noticed was the smell of chlorine coming from beyond the classroom, reminding us that in addition to online modules and classroom instruction we would be spending at least an hour and a half in the pool every night...

    When you decide to pack up everything you own and hit the road on a year-long, round the world adventure, it's easy to get caught up in the romance of the idea and forget about some of the less glamorous details. Such as the very important vaccines necessary for modern-day world travel. The tricky thing about vaccines for our particular plans is that since we are hitting every continent (alas, except for Antarctica) we pre...

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