One Year, One World, Endless Adventure


We're Rosie & Patrick, and we are EverFurther! And on January 1st, 2017 we are leaving behind our family, friends and everything we know to spend one year traveling and exploring the National Parks of the World!

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And in the mean time, read about some of our previous adventures!

  National Park #1 in Africa already not kidding around

After 10 weeks in South America we flew onto the African continent with 5 National Parks on our itinerary and very little idea of what to expect in between. Between talking to other travelers, pouring over our digi...

More like 'Land of Beautiful Mountain Views, Flat Coastal Hikes and Quiet Campsites', but we're not complaining

After 10 weeks of riding dubious collectivos, hiking perilous cliffside trails and pitching our tent everywhere from under the desert sun to in pouring snow,...

The Dientes Circuit 

Situated at the far tip of the South American continent, farther south than Tierra Del Fuego, harder to get to than the Galapagos, and infinitely wilder than any park we had been to yet, the circuit hike around the Dientes de Navarino hike ranks hig...

As we wound our way south down the spine of the Andes and towards the Southern terminus of the continent we ended up stopping in the small Chilean town of Punta Arenas.

Our visit was more functional than anything as we were only in town to try to catch a ferry even fart...

Torres del Paine National Park holds a special place in the South American backpacker’s imagination. Soaring rock formations rise above glowering black mountains wreathed in glaciers, hellish winds howl through endless mountain passes, constellations reach across the e...

El Chalten

Leaving the boxed chocolates of Bariloche behind us, Rosie and I spent most of Valentine’s Day 2017 on a 30-hour bus ride to the northern end of Los Glaciares National Park in El Chalten, Argentina. The little town of El Chalten bills itself as the “National...

It was about 9 hours into our hike up to Laguna Negra that we finally decided that we had made a mistake.

It might have been avoided if we had considered that the map we had bought of the trails and refugios in Nahual Huapi National Park was coming from a mountaineering...

 Further south every day!

We came into the Atacama Desert on an overnight bus. The sun was already high in the sky and the desert was illuminated with a harsh light that made the red highway outside the bus windows shimmer.

We woke up like this 

We had already been in tra...

Gosh, this looks like a lot of stuff.

 11pm, New Year's Eve 2016, 9 hours before we leave for Ecuador. Patrick looks thrilled.


...But when you consider that we're not only travelling around the world for a year but also hiking and camping and cooking for ourselv...

 We're smiling, but it took a lot to get here!

When we told people that we were going to be heading up Machu Piccu for this trip, we usually got one of two reactions: people who had NOT been there expressed how it was also a dream of theirs to visit the mountaintop Inca...

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