“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” -anonymous



     Rosie grew up in the outdoors with fields, hills, and streams in her backyard and a family that instilled a deep love of nature and exploration in her from a young age. She crossed the Atlantic on a tall ship when she was 17, tripped around Europe with nothing but her backpack, Chaco sandals and good friends, and worked in New Zealand before landing back stateside to earn a degree in Outdoor Leadership. She is a certified riding instructor and a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen. 

    Favorite National Park: Acadia, USA and Kruger, ZAR      (because who can choose just one?!)

    Favorite Backpacking Meal: Anything with a glass            (plastic cup) of red


      Patrick didn't always love camping... In fact, it wasn't until a rogue snowstorm on the Virginia coast upended a family camping trip that he decided spending time in a tent was especially exciting! Since then, he has hitchhiked and backpacked in Alaska, climbed glaciers in Iceland and explored underground rivers in the wilds of western North Carolina. Patrick is also an ultra-distance runner and has run across Tennessee (in July) and hauled a sled through the Wisconsin woods (in December) among other ill-advised ultramarathons.

     Favorite National Park: Haleakala- USA

     Favorite Backpacking Meal: Stuffing mix and chicken         from a packet (because cans are heavy)



We launched this blog on the occasion of us taking The Big Leap; the Cancel-Thanksgiving-Because-We-Won’t-Be-Back-Leap, the Let’s-Up-And-Do-It leap, where we tossed all of our stuff into storage and hit the road for eight months... but before that we'd been adventuring together and independently our whole lives. 

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